The Importance of Membership Plans Post-Pandemic

The Importance of Membership Plans Post-Pandemic

Do you have a growing number of patients who have lost their dental benefits due to the pandemic? With many losing benefits or experiencing reduced work hours or furlough, it can be difficult to close on treatments. That’s where membership plans come in.

Offering an in-house membership plan can be extremely attractive to your budget-conscious patients, and it can also help your practice bounce back after reopening post-pandemic. Implementing your own membership plan customized to your office is great for not only closing on treatments for your patients, but also increasing loyalty with your current patients and retaining new patients!

What is a Membership Plan?

For those unfamiliar with membership plans, or in-house dental discount plans, they are not dental insurance plans. They can stand alone as a money-saving option and provide patients with discounts on a variety of services, or even complement traditional insurance. Patients simply pay a membership fee and gain access to discounted services at your office location. They can even be used for patients who already have dental insurance but have reached their benefits maximum for the year or require a procedure that is not covered by their insurance plan.

These membership plans benefit not only your patients, but also you! Patients receive a discounted rate on your services, and this leads to more revenue for your office through an increase in treatment plan acceptance and patient loyalty.

Financial Relief Strategy for Your Dental Office

In-house membership plans are a great tool for not only patient retention, but also financial relief. Practices everywhere were forced to shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now with most dental offices opened again, many are looking for ways to compensate for time lost.

If you are looking for ways to “rebound” after your reopening, implementing a membership plan within your office can be a great recurring revenue tool. Even though your services are discounted, patients pay a monthly fee to participate in the plan and receive their discounts. This also means increased patient loyalty, as members will return to your practice for their dental care and are less likely to cancel appointments.

Financial Relief Strategy for Your Patients

It goes without saying, but COVID-19 has affected everyone. Your patients may have experienced furlough, layoffs or loss of their traditional dental benefits, but are still in need of the valuable dental care and services your office offers. Instead of putting off important dental work due to funds, patients who do not currently have access to benefits can sign up for your membership plan to receive much-needed savings on their dental care.

Ready to Set Up Your In-House Membership Plan?

Think you’d like to set up a membership plan for your office? The Launch Loyalty team is here to help! We can help you get started and walk you through the entire process. Visit or give our team a call at 844-40-LOYAL (56925). Our team is here for you during these difficult times, and together we can set up a new membership plan for your office that will help you rebound from the pandemic and increase patient loyalty!

Launch Loyalty Testimonial from Dental Arts of Frisco

Launch Loyalty Testimonial from Dental Arts of Frisco

Bry from Dental Arts of FriscoDental Arts of Frisco has a hard-working staff that not only dedicates time to its patients but also goes above-and-beyond to get those customers the best service at the most affordable price. Naturally, they turned to Launch Loyalty to help them build a compliant, custom in-house plan that they can use to bring even more value to their practice and their patients.

We sat down with office manager Bry to discuss Dental Arts of Frisco’s experience with their in-house savings plan built by Launch Loyalty.