Training Staff on In-House Dental Plans

Training Staff on In-House Dental Plans

Training your staff on your in-house plan and making sure they’re knowledgeable, comfortable and confident about the subject matter is essential to the success of your plan. Don’t worry, we have you covered! The Launch Loyalty Client Success team provides you with all the training and tools you need for success after the launch of your plan.

As an active Launch Loyalty client, your practice is assigned a Client Success Advisor who will provide your staff with training before and after plan launch. Their job is to ensure your plan is a success! After the training session with your Client Success Advisor, we’ll provide a digital copy of your customized training manual that you and your staff can refer to when needed. We’re also available for additional questions not covered in training and for training any new staff as well.

Here’s what your training will include:

  • Provider portal utilization
  • Online patient eligibility verification
  • Efficient marketing for the plan
  • Digital and print marketing tips and tricks
  • How to add your membership plan into your practice management system
  • And much more!

Your membership plan is unique to your office. This means:

  • Patients can only utilize the plan at your office
  • The plan has your unique branding
  • You have control of discounts and price points offered at your practice

The Launch Loyalty team also regularly monitors the performance of your plan and provides your staff with reports to ensure your plan is thriving. Based on the performance, we’ll provide you and your staff with further ideas on how to make your plan soar even higher. As your administrative partner, our goal is to make your job easier – you discuss the plan with patients and verify eligibility, we manage the other 99% of the administrative work.

Launch Loyalty takes the extra work and stress off you and your staff in every aspect of your plan. You’ll also have help outside of your Client Success Advisor, too. Any patients who have signed up for your membership plan are encouraged to reach out to our dedicated call center to assist with their questions and concerns.

Ready to get your in-house dental membership plan started? The Launch Loyalty team is here to help! Visit or give our team a call at 844-40-LOYAL (56925). Our team is here to ensure your plan succeeds and thrives!

How to Deal with Dental Office Staffing Challenges

How to Deal with Dental Office Staffing Challenges

One of the biggest challenges offices are facing these days is staffing. It was an issue for many before the pandemic, but now it’s a different beast. Staff have become accustomed to working from home, some don’t yet feel comfortable interacting with patients, and others may be facing personal challenges that prevent them from returning to the office, such as access to childcare.

We spoke to a former registered dental assistant (RDA) to get some practical insider tips on overcoming staffing challenges. They recommended optimizing your current personnel by cross-training your team until your office is fully staffed. Cross-train your RDAs to learn the process flow of the front desk and treatment plan coordinating. Alternately, have your front desk team learn some of the chairside procedures. This includes learning to read a periodontal chart, sterilizing instruments, taking intraoral photos and other clinic tasks that don’t require any special certifications or licenses. Through cross-training, your team expands their knowledge and expertise past their normal office duties and becomes incredibly well-rounded and adaptive.

Where cross-training can’t help and there may be concern over revenue loss, Launch Loyalty can jump in to save the day. Whether you have a discount plan, but no staff to manage it or you’ve been interested in offering your own plan and just haven’t made the leap, look no further.  Launch Loyalty is a full-service administrator for in-house membership plans.  You won’t have to do anything but talk about that plan. This means more hands-on time with your patients!

Some perks of creating your plan through Launch Loyalty:

  • A company founded by dentists for dentists. You will work with an experienced Discount Plan Organization (DPO) with over 40 years’ experience in dentistry and membership plans.
  • Full-service administration – we aren’t just a platform, we’re your partner. You can be hands off while we’re hands on:

    • Experienced compliance and legal team to ensure all materials are compliant with DPO regulations.
    • 24/7 PCI compliant, secure website for patients to join your plan.
    • 120+ seat call center to answer plan questions and sign up patients over the phone.
    • Recurring billing for monthly/annual paying members. Plus, our retention team reaches out to plan patients to keep their account and payment information up to date.
    • Customized marketing materials with your office branding. We’ll print and ship materials to your office at no extra charge.
    • Dedicated Client Success Advisors to help your office stay on track to reach and exceed your goals.

  • Bundle in savings on value-added products like vision, LASIK and prescriptions. At no extra cost to you or your patients.
  • Access to  our exclusive Launch Royalties discount plan. A discount package for your office staff to save on some of our popular health and wellness products– FREE!

Here are some additional tips to increase productivity and streamline your workflow processes. Free up your staff’s time so they can focus on what matters most – your patients!

  • Automate processes for appointment scheduling and office communication to give your team valuable time back.
  • Reevaluate your staff’s job functions and adjust based on their strengths and shortcomings.
  • Maximize your time management skills and efficiency.
  • Set realistic, achievable and measurable goals.
  • Prioritize tasks based on urgency and importance within the office.
  • Give yourself a break! All work with no break or self-care is a recipe for burnout, which can easily impact your productivity.
  • Plan ahead for increased workloads.

Even if you aren’t short staffed, don’t miss out on having a successful in-house plan. Let Launch Loyalty handle the administration of your plan with their automated processes, to save your practice precious time. Visit to learn more and get started today!

The Importance of Membership Plans Post-Pandemic

The Importance of Membership Plans Post-Pandemic

Do you have a growing number of patients who have lost their dental benefits due to the pandemic? With many losing benefits or experiencing reduced work hours or furlough, it can be difficult to close on treatments. That’s where membership plans come in.

Offering an in-house membership plan can be extremely attractive to your budget-conscious patients, and it can also help your practice bounce back after reopening post-pandemic. Implementing your own membership plan customized to your office is great for not only closing on treatments for your patients, but also increasing loyalty with your current patients and retaining new patients!

What is a Membership Plan?

For those unfamiliar with membership plans, or in-house dental discount plans, they are not dental insurance plans. They can stand alone as a money-saving option and provide patients with discounts on a variety of services, or even complement traditional insurance. Patients simply pay a membership fee and gain access to discounted services at your office location. They can even be used for patients who already have dental insurance but have reached their benefits maximum for the year or require a procedure that is not covered by their insurance plan.

These membership plans benefit not only your patients, but also you! Patients receive a discounted rate on your services, and this leads to more revenue for your office through an increase in treatment plan acceptance and patient loyalty.

Financial Relief Strategy for Your Dental Office

In-house membership plans are a great tool for not only patient retention, but also financial relief. Practices everywhere were forced to shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now with most dental offices opened again, many are looking for ways to compensate for time lost.

If you are looking for ways to “rebound” after your reopening, implementing a membership plan within your office can be a great recurring revenue tool. Even though your services are discounted, patients pay a monthly fee to participate in the plan and receive their discounts. This also means increased patient loyalty, as members will return to your practice for their dental care and are less likely to cancel appointments.

Financial Relief Strategy for Your Patients

It goes without saying, but COVID-19 has affected everyone. Your patients may have experienced furlough, layoffs or loss of their traditional dental benefits, but are still in need of the valuable dental care and services your office offers. Instead of putting off important dental work due to funds, patients who do not currently have access to benefits can sign up for your membership plan to receive much-needed savings on their dental care.

Ready to Set Up Your In-House Membership Plan?

Think you’d like to set up a membership plan for your office? The Launch Loyalty team is here to help! We can help you get started and walk you through the entire process. Visit or give our team a call at 844-40-LOYAL (56925). Our team is here for you during these difficult times, and together we can set up a new membership plan for your office that will help you rebound from the pandemic and increase patient loyalty!

Rebounding After Your Dental Practice Reopens

Rebounding After Your Dental Practice Reopens

As the global COVID-19 pandemic shut down dentist offices everywhere, some are now slowly beginning to open their doors again or are preparing for reopening.

If your office is opening soon, here are a few helpful tips on rebounding after your practice opens again.

Know the Symptoms

This first step is critical. For the protection of yourself, your staff and your patients, make sure your entire staff is knowledgeable about COVID-19 symptoms. You should also know the steps to take if a patient with COVID-19 symptoms enters your facility. The CDC has outlined symptoms to look for here.

Patient Outreach and Communication

It’s crucial to contact all patients prior to their appointment for telephone screenings.

Safety Measures in Your Office

Take steps to ensure those who enter your office are abiding by the proper hygiene standards, such as using hand sanitizer after touching. Position hand sanitizer or hand wipes at doors, waiting areas, elevators, and other areas that are commonly touched by anyone coming and going to reduce the risk of spread. Placing signs or posters reminding those of good hygiene and proper etiquette during COVID-19 (i.e. coughing into your arm or wearing a mask) may also be beneficial.

Redo Your Waiting Room and Limit Office Entry

Many establishments are now operating at lower capacity and have rearranged their seating to accommodate keeping patrons at least 6 feet apart. Make sure your waiting room will also accommodate this distance to keep your patients safe. Whether patients wear a mask is up to you and your office staff, but masks may help reduce the spread of infection, and many businesses and offices are requiring visitors to wear masks upon entry. To further limit capacity within your office, you may also require spouses, friends and parents of the patient to wait outside.

Also consider spacing your chairs out if they are not already located in separate rooms. By only operating every other chair, or spacing them further apart, this follows the 6-foot guidelines and keeps you, your staff and your patients safe.


Some offices have adopted teledentistry into their practice. This allows for your patients to connect with you from the comfort of their home or office. Teledentistry allows for dentists to diagnose oral health problems and pain, provide expert second opinions, consult on sores and infections, advise on broken/chipped/sensitive teeth, diagnose gum swelling and bleeding, advise on orthodontia needs, and much more. 

Seek Additional Information

It is important to do your research and stay knowledgeable and up to date on required guidelines and tips to keep your entire office safe. The CDC has put together valuable information and resources for dentists.

If you are interested in implementing your own in-house dental discount plan that can help your patients save money, we can help. Launch Loyalty can further build your brand, make your office unique in your field, provide marketing materials and more! Visit our website to learn more. From everyone at Launch Loyalty, we wish you and your staff the best. Stay safe!

The Rise of Loyalty Programs

The Rise of Loyalty Programs

Whether you run a brick-and-mortar retail business, manage an online clothing store or offer a professional service like a dental practice, it’s time to consider what a loyalty program might look like for your business.

According to Incentive Federation, Inc., 84% of U.S. businesses use non-cash rewards to recognize and reward key audiences in the form of award points, gift cards, incentive travel, and merchandise – up from 74% in 2013.

Some percentage of that can presumably be attributed to dental offices that have, for some time now, started offering referral rewards or other incentives for their patients to keep coming back. Take this idea to the next level with even more incentives and benefits and you have a loyalty program.

If you don’t have a loyalty program, you can see from the statistic above that you may as well advertise for your competitor. You need a program that keeps patient retention high and encourages new patients to visit your dental practice over others.