Bry from Dental Arts of FriscoDental Arts of Frisco has a hard-working staff that not only dedicates time to its patients but also goes above-and-beyond to get those customers the best service at the most affordable price. Naturally, they turned to Launch Loyalty to help them build a compliant, custom in-house plan that they can use to bring even more value to their practice and their patients.

We sat down with office manager Bry to discuss Dental Arts of Frisco’s experience with their in-house savings plan built by Launch Loyalty.

Tell Us about Your Experience Using Launch Loyalty’s In-House Dental Plan Builder

Q: “What has Dental Arts of Frisco taken advantage of in our easy-to-use in-house plan builder tool?”

A: “I like the 25 percent off as a bonus. I know a lot of offices select 20 percent. I think [the extra 5 percent] has helped the patients tremendously. Especially the patients with no insurance—to them 25 percent off a bill is a tremendous amount.”

Q: We noticed your brochure. How did you feel about the custom print materials you received? Were you pleased with the results?

Dental Arts of Frisco Plan Brochure

A: “I think the print-out is nice; it’s really professional. It’s easy and understandable and a lot of patients like it as well. When they come up to the front, that’s the first thing they pick up.”

Q: What have you noticed about the sign-up process?

A: “I’ve had a lot of people say it’s easy and they like that they can do it online. I know at a lot of offices you must go into the office to sign up for a discount plan. A lot of patients want to go home and think about it, and they like the convenient online sign-up feature.”

Q: As far as the discounts received, have you had any customers mention anything about the savings?

A: “Oh yeah! That 25 percent, especially the customers with no insurance. I’m telling you, I’m used to 20 percent off and that extra 5 percent really is a tremendous amount to be taken off a bill!”

Q: What do you think of your website that was built through the plan builder?

Dental Arts of Frisco Discount Plan Website

A: “I like it! If I were a patient, I wouldn’t know what the heck I’m doing. Especially those who aren’t into the whole high-tech computer thing. I would say it’s easy to navigate!”

Q: How do you go about selling this plan in the office?

A: “If the patients come up and they don’t have insurance, I push it. I say, ‘Hey, you know we have this plan,’ but most of the time when the patients come up to the front desk the brochure is the first thing they grab and start asking about it. Even the patients with insurance ask about it and want to know if it is better than their insurance and a lot of the times it is! We definitely have a lot of people asking about it. I still have to sell it, but at the same time it sells itself.”

Q: What’s one of the biggest draws of the plan that people seem to like?

A: “The monthly payment plan. A lot of people like the payment plan, because they are cash-paying patients who don’t want to pay $199 upfront. That’s a lot of money. The idea that you can pay $19.95 a month and you get 25 percent off all of your treatments is huge, and there are no contracts, which is another big bonus.”

Q: What other big hooks have you seen that keep people interested?”

A: “I push the x-rays and exams because just the x-ray alone is $20 and the exam can range from $50 to $100, so just those benefits are already paying for the plan.”

Q: Has anyone been concerned about why they are receiving this discount or how Dental Arts of Frisco is making money off it?

A: “Usually they don’t ask. I think it’s because they think, ‘If I ask, maybe I’ll mess it all up!’ So nobody asks, but if they do ask I tell them it’s to benefit people without insurance and helps us get loyal customers!”

Save 25 percent at the dentist

Q: What kind of patient comes in most often?

A: The patients that come in for crowns and fillings I think it has helped because those are the most common procedures. A 25 percent discount to them, especially with no insurance, is a huge draw.”

Q: What would you say is the biggest benefit to your office from having Launch Loyalty build you an in-house plan?

A: “Again, it’s benefiting people without insurance. It is making the price cheaper for them, so we are getting more customers who are non-insured and become loyal customers to us because of things like the free exams and free x-rays. It is drawing new customers in and retaining those customers.”


It’s clear that Dental Arts of Frisco is deriving value from our partnership, and we are proud to support such a fine office in the heart of Frisco. If you would like to learn more about our in-office dental plans, check out our website or try our plan builder tool to create a compliant in-office plan for your practice right now!