Training your staff on your in-house plan and making sure they’re knowledgeable, comfortable and confident about the subject matter is essential to the success of your plan. Don’t worry, we have you covered! The Launch Loyalty Client Success team provides you with all the training and tools you need for success after the launch of your plan.

As an active Launch Loyalty client, your practice is assigned a Client Success Advisor who will provide your staff with training before and after plan launch. Their job is to ensure your plan is a success! After the training session with your Client Success Advisor, we’ll provide a digital copy of your customized training manual that you and your staff can refer to when needed. We’re also available for additional questions not covered in training and for training any new staff as well.

Here’s what your training will include:

  • Provider portal utilization
  • Online patient eligibility verification
  • Efficient marketing for the plan
  • Digital and print marketing tips and tricks
  • How to add your membership plan into your practice management system
  • And much more!

Your membership plan is unique to your office. This means:

  • Patients can only utilize the plan at your office
  • The plan has your unique branding
  • You have control of discounts and price points offered at your practice

The Launch Loyalty team also regularly monitors the performance of your plan and provides your staff with reports to ensure your plan is thriving. Based on the performance, we’ll provide you and your staff with further ideas on how to make your plan soar even higher. As your administrative partner, our goal is to make your job easier – you discuss the plan with patients and verify eligibility, we manage the other 99% of the administrative work.

Launch Loyalty takes the extra work and stress off you and your staff in every aspect of your plan. You’ll also have help outside of your Client Success Advisor, too. Any patients who have signed up for your membership plan are encouraged to reach out to our dedicated call center to assist with their questions and concerns.

Ready to get your in-house dental membership plan started? The Launch Loyalty team is here to help! Visit or give our team a call at 844-40-LOYAL (56925). Our team is here to ensure your plan succeeds and thrives!