As the global COVID-19 pandemic shut down dentist offices everywhere, some are now slowly beginning to open their doors again or are preparing for reopening.

If your office is opening soon, here are a few helpful tips on rebounding after your practice opens again.

Know the Symptoms

This first step is critical. For the protection of yourself, your staff and your patients, make sure your entire staff is knowledgeable about COVID-19 symptoms. You should also know the steps to take if a patient with COVID-19 symptoms enters your facility. The CDC has outlined symptoms to look for here.

Patient Outreach and Communication

It’s crucial to contact all patients prior to their appointment for telephone screenings.

Safety Measures in Your Office

Take steps to ensure those who enter your office are abiding by the proper hygiene standards, such as using hand sanitizer after touching. Position hand sanitizer or hand wipes at doors, waiting areas, elevators, and other areas that are commonly touched by anyone coming and going to reduce the risk of spread. Placing signs or posters reminding those of good hygiene and proper etiquette during COVID-19 (i.e. coughing into your arm or wearing a mask) may also be beneficial.

Redo Your Waiting Room and Limit Office Entry

Many establishments are now operating at lower capacity and have rearranged their seating to accommodate keeping patrons at least 6 feet apart. Make sure your waiting room will also accommodate this distance to keep your patients safe. Whether patients wear a mask is up to you and your office staff, but masks may help reduce the spread of infection, and many businesses and offices are requiring visitors to wear masks upon entry. To further limit capacity within your office, you may also require spouses, friends and parents of the patient to wait outside.

Also consider spacing your chairs out if they are not already located in separate rooms. By only operating every other chair, or spacing them further apart, this follows the 6-foot guidelines and keeps you, your staff and your patients safe.


Some offices have adopted teledentistry into their practice. This allows for your patients to connect with you from the comfort of their home or office. Teledentistry allows for dentists to diagnose oral health problems and pain, provide expert second opinions, consult on sores and infections, advise on broken/chipped/sensitive teeth, diagnose gum swelling and bleeding, advise on orthodontia needs, and much more. 

Seek Additional Information

It is important to do your research and stay knowledgeable and up to date on required guidelines and tips to keep your entire office safe. The CDC has put together valuable information and resources for dentists.

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