If your doctor only interacted with you when you paid, would you continue to visit that office? There are a few ways you can retain dental patients and connect with them on a more personal level instead of just speaking with them when they are in your office for a procedure. Here’s how to get more dental patients back to your office and acquire new dental patients in the process. 

Use Social Media to Engage with Dental Patients 

The first is to make sure you engage with dental patients on social media. Social media pages are some of the most powerful tools a private practice can utilize in their day-to-day activities. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are some of the most popular sites that can be used. These pages are the best way to put a friendly face to your practice. By posting photos of your employees, happy customers and other items that may grab people’s attention, you are able to humanize your dental practice and make it seem more personable to customers. It’s also a great source to encourage your patients to connect with your practice and stay up-to-date on the most recent news, promotions and upcoming events. For instance, if you decide to have a dental office open house (as referenced later in this article), your patients will be able to find the information they need about it on your social media pages and come to the event. Or if you volunteer in the community, you can let your patients know about it so they can be apart.

Send Monthly Newsletters to Educate Patients on Dental Care & Your Dental Practice

Another great way to engage with dental patients outside of the office is to start a monthly newsletter that you can send out to your email list or leave in your practice waiting room. This can include things like personalized information about your dental office or articles on helpful dental care information, like what toothbrushes are recommended, dietary tips for healthier teeth and general dental hygiene health tips. It can also be a great resource to inform your clients about upcoming events and promotions that you will be hosting.

Patient Follow-up

A great resource following up with patients personally over the phone after an appointment or procedure they had done at your office. Whether it’s asking if their filling feels all right, if they’ve had any issues with their dental crown or just reminding them to book their next cleaning early, having you and your practice top of mind is a must. 

Create Special Events and Promotions at Your Practice, Like a Dental Office Open House

Special events and promos can draw huge crowds if there is enough incentive. Many practices are holding dental office open houses that offer a free teeth whitening session for the first 10 to 20 people who attend. Since teeth whitening has become so popular, this is a great way to draw people to your office where you can promote other products or services. There are lots of great ideas on the Web for special events and promotions you can offer for new dental patients and hold at your dental practice.

Offer Special Savings for Your Dental Patients through an In-Office Discount Plan to Retain and Get More Dental Patients

Finally, you can offer patients unique opportunities for savings. One of the best ways to do this is through an in-office discount plan. These plans can show patients you are willing to help them save money on their procedures all while gaining new patients and increasing overall patient loyalty! If you want to learn more about these in-office loyalty plans, check out launchloyalty.com.  


Any of the above ideas can help show your customers that you and your practice are unique and able to stand out from the competition, all while connecting with your patients on a personal level. Try them out at your practice and see how they help you!

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