Are you looking to further your relationships with your dental patients? Do you want to increase patient loyalty and keep them coming back? Then an in-house dental discount plan may be for you.

About In-House Dental Discount Plans

For those unfamiliar with discount dental plans, they are not dental insurance plans. However, they can coordinate with and complement most insurance plans or stand on their own as a money-saving option. They help to provide consumers with access to discounts on a variety of services. Members pay a small monthly fee for access to deeply discounted service rates.

Building an in-house dental plan is a way to help further the dentist/patient relationship, to open the door for new patients and to improve treatment plan acceptance for existing patients – especially those who are uninsured or under-insured. In-office dental discount plans are one of the most effective ways to attract new cash-paying patients to dental practices and improve loyalty to a practice. Membership to in-office plans means loyal patients.

One in five dental offices are now offering in-house discount plans, but a do-it-yourself program can be daunting. That’s where Launch Loyalty comes in.

What Is Launch Loyalty?

Launch Loyalty is the first provider of an online patient loyalty plan builder for dentists that simply and effectively creates a fully compliant discount product. With just a few quick online steps, dentists can use the Launch Loyalty tool to create a truly custom, even private-labeled discount plan that includes a website custom-branded to their dental practice that markets the plan and allows new members to securely enroll and pay online. The Launch Loyalty support team administers all aspects of the plan while the dental practice simply promotes the plan to its patients.

The service also includes complete marketing collateral for each office in addition to the custom plan website that allows patients to sign up online with real-time payment processing, flexible recurring billing, and customer service with a live call center to assist your patients with product and sales support.

Creating an in-office discount plan may also come with some associated risks. The biggest risk is compliance and security. Many may be unaware these plans are regulated on a state-by-state basis, but the Launch Loyalty team removes that burden from the dental offices.

Additionally, the Launch Loyalty solution includes access to an online verification portal that allows staff to quickly and easily verify a patient’s plan status.

For details or a demo of the new Launch Loyalty platform, you may contact Bruce Bernstein or Lauren Kelly.  You may also visit or call (844) 40-LOYAL to learn more.

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