Creating A Positive Work Culture During A Pandemic

Creating A Positive Work Culture During A Pandemic

As dentists and their teams have returned to their practices over the last few months, many are noticing how difficult it can be to navigate the challenges COVID-19 has presented. Working in this new environment may cause staff to become anxious, confused or fearful. These are to be expected. However, you shouldn’t let these challenges take over your practice. Here are a few ways you can set the tone for a positive work culture and keep your team happy and healthy:

Open Communication

One of the most important and easiest things you can do is be thoroughly open and honest with your staff. Always provide as much detail as possible when it comes to explaining new protocols and procedures. After all, you want your employees to feel safe, comfortable and confident when it comes to working in the office.

Keep Employees Updated

Let your staff know you are protecting their health and being proactive by staying updated on the latest polices and protocols. During this time of uncertainty, COVID-19 developments are constantly changing. Do your research and keep your office updated by turning to trustworthy sources such as the CDC or the ADA.

Be Positive

Of course, these unprecedented times can be very overwhelming. Let your staff know you are here for them by creating a positive, empathetic work atmosphere. Begin by checking in with your staff more often and encourage open dialogue. Let them know their opinions are valuable. You can also encourage staff members to submit their concerns anonymously. Overall, make sure your staff knows they have a safe place to express their concerns. Doing so will not only show you are listening but may also determine the best way for you to help them.

Hire Outside Help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help! By doing so, you can prevent your team from burnouts or becoming overwhelmed. Thankfully, Launch Loyalty has you covered. We are your full-service partner, providing compliant, in-house membership plans built to increase treatment acceptance and improve patient loyalty. We’ll be with you every step of the way as we help create and manage your successful in-house plan designed to fit your practice and your patients’ needs.  If you want to learn more about Launch Loyalty and the services we offer, visit our website.

As a practice owner, strive every day to consider these tips and help promote a positive culture to keep team members productive, motivated and healthy. After all, happy employees will help your dental office thrive! From everyone at Launch Loyalty, we wish you and your staff the best.

Looking to the Future of Dentistry

Looking to the Future of Dentistry

COVID-19 has forced us all to face a lot of unknowns. The many unknowns are weighing heavily on dentists as their practices have faced complete shutdowns. They don’t know how long their offices will be closed, or what they’ll expect when they are able to return. As dentists, it’s time to prepare for a new future in dentistry!

These recommendations are meant to help guide dentists as they consider reopening their practices. Before you dive in, remember to always follow the procedures and regulations enforced by your state, consider the outbreak significance in your area and remember the importance of you, your team and your patients’ health. No two dental practices are the same. Every practice is unique, and their solutions will be as well.

Looking to the Future

You are probably very eager and willing to get your practice reopened as soon as possible. As a dentist, you need to prepare for a new future of dentistry by considering and implementing several factors that will not only protect yourself, but your employees and your patients.

Open Communication

Tell your patients and team members all the procedures you are implementing to keep everyone safe.For example, reassure your patients of your office’s commitment to maintaining up-to-date procedures by informing them through mail, email or social media how you are committed to their safety. Also, don’t forget about your employees! Explain in great detail how you will prioritize team safety by demonstrating the best way to utilize Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), instructing them on how they will interact with patients and ensuring they are confident and comfortable enough to perform their duties well.

Soft Opening

We must start somewhere, and this is a great way to ensure new protocols and methods can be tried and perfected. Dentists need to teach themselves and their team how to start treating patients in a new era of COVID-19.  Develop protocols and allow your team to practice in a non-stressful environment. By “soft opening,” you can start helping patients again, as well as find out which safety protocols work best for you and your team.

Stagger Appointments

Instead of taking on several dental appointments, make a limit on the number of patients you want to see per day. By staggering appointments, you can also allow yourself an additional 20-30 minutes per appointment, so you are not rushing your safety protocols, and this allows for the best patient/team interaction.

Develop a Pre/Post-Appointment Plan

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Dental Association (ADA) have released a series of protocols regarding the processes that need to be conducted before and after appointments. Consider the in-office procedures, pre-appointment screening processes and post-appointment protocols you will need to put in place for the safety of your team and patients. By providing your team with a checklist, they may accurately prepare and disinfect before and after appointments.


Continue to research and monitor the guidelines and regulations that are being enforced by your state, the CDC and the ADA. It’s very important to follow these guidelines. Consider utilizing the tools and resources the ADA has provided for dentists. Not only do they have information on available funds, but they have provided a Return to Work Interim Guidance Toolkit that includes a “Welcome Back” reassurance sample letter, patient pre-screening forms, checklists and so much more! 

The Launch Loyalty Solution

Lastly, we want you to know Launch Loyalty is here for you. We offer a variety of services and solutions that improve patient loyalty. While many people have been faced with layoffs, causing them to lose insurance benefits, give them the option of an in-house Launch Loyalty discount plan that includes discounts on common and major dental procedures. During this unprecedented time, our in-house discount plans can also include telemedicine. Telemedicine has become a frontline resource that has provided much-needed assistance for individuals and families across the nation.

We’d love to tell you more about our solutions and wish you the absolute best on your reopening!