Launch Loyalty announced the release of a new, first-of-its-kind dental office plan-building tool for the creation of custom, in-office dental patient loyalty plans. The innovative new platform from Launch Loyalty, a brand powered by industry leader Careington International Corporation, allows dental offices nationwide to quickly and easily design and develop private-label, in-office discount plans intended to help patients save money on dental treatment and create new patient opportunities, all within one easy-to-use platform.

A concept two years in the making, Launch Loyalty is the first provider of an online patient loyalty plan builder for dentists that simply and effectively creates a fully compliant in-office discount product available to patients. With just a few quick online steps, dentists can use the Launch Loyalty tool to create a truly custom, private-label discount plan that includes a website custom-branded to their practice that markets the plan and allows new members to securely enroll and pay online. Dentists will become high-quality discount dentists offering affordable care to their patients. The Launch Loyalty support team administers all aspects of the plan, including enrollment and direct-member billing, while the dental practice simply promotes the plan to its patients.

“One in five dental offices are now offering in-house discount plans,” said Lauren Kelly, Business Development Manager at Careington. “This is the smartest way to build and manage your patient loyalty plan.”

As a Careington brand, Launch Loyalty offers dentists throughout the nation the protection of Careington’s dental discount plan licensure and Careington’s PCI-compliant payment processing capabilities. Licensure is required in many states in order to offer an in-office discount dental plan. This relationship means practice owners will have peace of mind knowing their custom discount plan is secure, compliant and fully supported by a team of professionals with extensive experience in this space.

“A do-it-yourself program can not only be daunting, but it also comes with some associated risks,” said Kelly. “Many are unaware that these plans are regulated on a state-by-state basis, and through this solution, the Launch Loyalty team removes that burden from the dental offices.”

The service also includes complete marketing collateral for each office in addition to the custom plan website that allows patients to sign up online with real-time payment processing, flexible recurring billing, and live-agent call center service to assist patients and lend additional product and sales support to dental offices. Additionally, the Launch Loyalty solution includes access to an online verification portal that allows staff to quickly and easily verify a patient’s plan status.

The initial version of the platform, available today, allows dentists to use their brand on all marketing materials, the plan website, and the member ID cards – all created by Launch Loyalty. Dentists will be able to establish their discount level by choosing from a few preset discount options: either a fee schedule model or a set discount off of the provider’s usual and customary rates, plus the option to include additional free services as part of their plan. The discount option selected will determine the membership fee patients will pay to participate in the plan.

A future version of the plan-building tool will add options for dental offices to create their own custom fee schedule, to dictate which free services are included, and to choose their own membership rate.

Additionally, beyond in-office dental savings, dentists will be able to customize their plan to include discounts on vision care and prescriptions in a future release of the platform. This will help increase the overall plan value and savings potential for patients, further boosting patient loyalty and retention.

“Building an in-office plan is a way to help further the dentist-patient relationship, to open the door for new patients and to improve treatment plan acceptance for existing patients – especially those who are uninsured or under-insured,” said Bruce Bernstein, Vice President of Global Sales at Careington. “In-office discount plans are one of the most effective ways to attract new cash-paying patients to practices and improve loyalty to a practice. Membership to in-office plans means loyal patients.”

The Launch Loyalty brand officially launched today, and new in-office plans will be effective as early as July 1, 2017. For details or a demo of the new Launch Loyalty platform, or to launch your in-office patient loyalty plan today, contact Bruce Bernstein or Lauren Kelly. You may also visit or call (844) 40-LOYAL.

About Launch Loyalty
Launch Loyalty is a first-of-its-kind platform designed for dentists and powered by Careington International Corporation, a nationally licensed discount plan organization and experienced dental plan administrator. Launch Loyalty leverages Careington’s extensive, 40-year dental industry expertise, industry compliance and PCI and HIPAA compliance to offer a truly unique solution to dental offices nationwide. The tool allows dentists to create custom, in-house discount plans designed to help patients save money on dental care and treatment that’s critical to maintaining good oral health, and overall health and well-being. Launch Loyalty is the smartest way to build and manage a patient loyalty plan. Visit to learn more, or call toll-free (844) 40-LOYAL.

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