Visionary Women in Leadership Redefining Success in the Dental Industry

Visionary Women in Leadership Redefining Success in the Dental Industry

Helen Keller once said, “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.” Vision is precisely what female leaders bring to the table as they continue to redefine leadership and success in the dental industry. As we make strides toward a more inclusive and diverse work environment, it’s become increasingly clear that businesses cannot afford to leave half the population out of the decision-making process. The increasing presence of women in leadership roles is changing the landscape of the industry for the better.

A New Era for Women in Leadership

Over the years, the dental industry has seen a gradual shift in the gender balance, with more women stepping into leadership roles and making their mark in this historically male-dominated field. These trailblazing women are not only redefining the boundaries of leadership but also influencing the industry’s dynamics in innovative ways.

Statistically, we are living in the best time in history to be a woman in the workforce. Women are earning more college degrees than men and have been filling management positions faster than men for more than three decades. At the beginning of 2023, women held CEO positions in more than 10% of Fortune 500 companies for the first time ever. While full equality is still a distant goal and the gender pay gap still exists, this represents significant progress.

The Profound Impact of Women Leaders on Business

Women leaders in the dental industry possess a strong sense of emotional intelligence that allows them to connect with their colleagues and teams on a deeper level. This ability to empathize and understand others’ emotions helps create a supportive work environment, facilitate open communication and foster strong relationships. These emotionally intelligent leaders are instrumental in building cohesive teams that work toward shared goals and improved outcomes for the industry as a whole.

The increasing representation of women in leadership positions has transformed how companies conduct business. It has long been known that diverse companies are more profitable, and women leaders, in particular, have a visible impact on organizations’ decision-making processes.

Having more women in leadership has influenced the development of benefits offerings. Women often juggle multiple responsibilities, such as managing their jobs, households and families, sometimes as single mothers. Benefits like extended maternity leave and flexible work hours are becoming the norm, helping everyone strike a better work-life balance and enjoy their lives more.

Pioneering Women in the Dental Industry

The Careington family of companies has historically been led by women, and we currently have women in the CFO and CIO positions alongside a CEO-emeritus of more than 20 years. Careington has long been involved in promoting women in leadership and recently sponsored the newly founded organization, Women in DSO, an organization dedicated to promoting women within the dental industry. As an advisory board member and professional development committee member, I can say we’ve done a lot of work creating a mentorship program for women seeking to advance their careers, and we are witnessing the organization’s growth first-hand.

At the Women in DSO’s Empower and Grow conference last March, we saw almost double the number of attendees compared to the previous year. The event provided an incredible opportunity for women to connect, collaborate and network with their peers.

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